Look Past the Party- Vote McCarty!


Jason McCarty is running to be your next Mississippi House Representative to make common sense decisions that go beyond party lines. Born and raised in Rankin County with ties to the area going back generations, Jason is an active member of St. James Episcopal Church, a public health advocate, and an impassioned supporter of our public schools. .

Jason believes that our state representation can and should do better to protect the future of our most vulnerable citizens, our youth and seniors. Looking back on what his family has achieved in past generations, Jason wants to make sure that future generations will have even better opportunities to make Mississippi their home.




Fixing Our Healthcare

When facing life changing decisions on the health of our friends and family, the last thing we want is to be worrying about is if we can afford proper care for our loved ones. Watching my mother suffer through Parkinsons and advocating for people living with HIV and Alzheimer’s, I know how scary those choices can be.

I will stand up for our families to make sure everyone receives proper care by working to expand Medicare and to continue to support Mississippi children with the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Funding our Schools

I graduated from one of the best school systems in the state and it is devastating to watch the next generation not being afforded the same opportunities I was given due to growing classroom sizes and budget cuts.

I will support education for all children no matter the disability, make sure all schools are properly funded, give each school district a seat at the decision process by supporting local control, and meeting state and federal mandates,

Protecting our Animal Friends

Our pets are our faithful companions and as the proud owner of a rescue dog myself, I know how important it is to protect our domestic animals. I will write and support legislation that will make it a felony penalty to harm a domestic animal and would support a state wide registry.

Declawing/mutilation of domestic cats should be illegal. By taking claws, a cat can not defend itself or hunt for food if the owner allows it to escape. This, along with docking tails and ears is barbaric, inhumane, and unnecessary.

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About Jason

Jason was born and raised in Rankin County. He was a graduate of Pearl High School, where he was Class President, on the Mayor's Youth Council, a member of the Award Winning Pearl Singers, and Pearl Thespians.  Jason was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in high school, earned a scholarship to Johnson and Wales University and received the Leadership Scholarship from Republican Congressman Ray Rogers. Jason went on to study Public Health at New York University and then became an executive for Christian Dior, NARS Cosmetics, and Trish McEvoy, ensuring products were safe for consumers.

Jason returned home to take care of his family in 2015 and immediately became a public health activist in the community serving on the Mississippi Department of Health's HIV Planning Council, the Board of Grace House, and was a founding member of the Mississippi Positive Network, overseen by My Brother's Keeper. Jason has led fundraising efforts for the Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children, Canopy Children's Solutions, Mississippi Human Rights Campaign and Mississippi Alzheimer's.

Jason is committed to making Mississippi a home where everyone can prosper, no matter of income or race.  He believes in a Mississippi that will protect all Mississippians no matter their sexual orientation or disability. He also believes that a better future can be achieved with new ideas and representation that works for the people instead of party rhetoric!


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